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Stories Of The West -

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Famous, short western stories with descriptions and links for online reading. While the Wild West wasn't quite the world of gunslingers and desperadoes portrayed in movies, it was still a dangerous place. With law.

Who doesn't love a good spooky story around the campfire? One thing is for sure, cowboys of the old west loved them, and may old west legends are still around. The lore of the Old West—stories of gunslingers, tribal and territorial warfare, missing treasure—is undying. But are the historical records to be believed?. Every time period has its strange stories, and the Wild West is no different— whether it's outlaw corpses or feral camel ghosts.

Old West Legends focuses on the rich history, people, information, and travel That's where the West begins; Ghost Stories From the Past. Spirits haunt many of the places of the Old West. Here are a view of the tales told over the years. Western short stories have always been the cornerstone of the Rope and Wire website. The authors who contribute their time and talent to this website play an.