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Der Spiegel 2010 39

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Using the Internet to Save the Rainforest How an Amazonian Tribe Is Mastering the Modern World. June 08, , AM. Sep 27, Tom Blue und die Drumatical sind weit herumgekommen in ihrer Karriere, sie durften schon beim Scheich von Dubai und beim Emir von Katar.

July 05, , PM. To the delight of newspaper editors across Germany, several youths spotted two crocodiles in the Ruhr river on Sunday and claimed.

July 09, , PM. They are still children, only 12 or 13 years old. They fall in love for the first time, at the school gates or on Facebook, and wind up with a. December 14, , PM. Italy's embattled leader has done it again: After surviving a vote of no confidence in the lower house of parliament on Tuesday. June 29, , PM. Chancellor Angela Merkel hailed the outcome of the G- 20 summit in Toronto as an unexpected success, but just how meaningful is the.